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Split the week - Split Croatia

24.02. - 26.02. 2022.


Split, Croatia

Split the week conference was created as an idea of students to position its city on the map of hosts of important international educational conferences and thus provide participants with experiences of Split as a tourist city...

The young organizers of the conference send a message to all future participants "Expect the unexpected", so that this young team in accordance with its motto promises sessions within the conference on current trends in the field of tourism, but with some new views on them, new access solutions...







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Influencers impact on the development of tourist destinations

Hana Hadžiavdagić Tabaković

Irina Tomić

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The future of business events

Rob Davidson

Ozren Kovačević

Motivation as the key to success

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Smiljan Mori

Katarina Dropulić

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STW konferencija, Split Croatia

Split, croatia 

Split, once a favorite place of the Roman emperor Diocletian, today becomes the place for the best experts from the world of tourism, hospitality and marketing. We want to bring you closer to the magic of Split, a city that has been sung in many songs and that has won the hearts of many. It is a city in whose streets you will feel the Dalmatian charm that has reigned here for centuries, and whose ancient history leaves you speechless...